Waste RE-solutions Edmonton provides municipal solid waste services for planning, development, governance, management, administration, design, development and operation of integrated waste management systems or parts thereof.

• Planning and feasibility studies
• Public outreach
• Social marketing
• Waste stream composition analysis
• Operation optimization
• Integrated systems optimization
• Technology assessments and procurement
• Public-private partnership optimization and agreements
• Development and operation of real-time systems
• Social enterprise development
• Data management
• Customer support
• Education programs
• Practitioner training and capacity building
• Applied research

Collection Services

Processing & Disposal

Management and delivery of collection of garbage and recyclables from single family and multi-family properties. More info

Operations to process residential and commercial waste for composting, recycling, conversion to biofuels, and transfer to landfill. More info

Operations Support

Community Relations

Overall planning and support services for system-wide application in areas of governance, regulation development, planning. More info

Direct engagement, education, volunteer programs and social marketing initiatives sustain a direct connection to students. More info